In the 880 adults samples of the study results that published in August 9, 2010 of the Archives of Neurology, the researchers found that there is linear association between the change in plasma beta-amyloid (Aß) levels and cognitive to markers of cognitive decline and Alzeimer’s disease risk factor.

This study represent 3 ethnic group included caribbean hispanic, white, and black, that free of dementia at the time of first Aß sample, were drawn from the Washington Heights and Inwood Columbia Aging Project.

At follow-up, 481 patients remained cognitively healthy, 329 were cognitively or functionally impaired but not demented at any point, and 70 patients developed Alzheimer’s disease.

The purpose of this study is to determine whether Aß levels could be linked to either specific cognitive changes that constitute conversion to Alzheimer’s disease or whether they corresponded to cognitive change independent of dementia. Cognitiv

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