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How Severe Is Your Social Media Addiction?
Is Nicotine The Next Hot Pre-Workout Supplement?
Four More Die in Meningitis Outbreak
Slow Acceptance by Doctors of Combination Treatment for Hypothyroidism
Testing Blood Glucose in Tear Fluid
Nasal steroids’ downside
Lung Cleansing With Peppermint Oil
Exam revision for hearing aid specialists causes test delay
Notre Dame researcher helps make Sudoku puzzles less puzzling
Aimee Copeland, Flesh-Eating Bacteria Victim Leaves Hospital For Rehab
Therapy Repairs Ravaged Immune System
Fall allergies
Top Natural Remedies For Depression
Notre Dame astrophysicists publish new approach to cosmic lithium in the early universe
Best cold remedies
The Respiratory Benefits of Lobelia
Coastal photography contest announced
Implanted Heart Cells Stifle Irregular Rhythms
Stephen Stein, Dentist Accused Of Putting Patients At HIV Risk
The Paleo diet recipes are increasingly used when cooking
Smoke worsens allergies
The Weight Loss Benefits of Hoodia Gordonii
Abdominal Breathing and Panic Attacks
Doctor Shortage Likely to Worsen With Health Law
Why do we need to maintain proper balance of Omega 3 and Omega 6 in our diet?
Mediterranean diet
A Better Test for Kidney Function
Open for business: open access journals have the same scientific impact as subscription journals
The Difference Between Systemic Enzymes and Digestive Enzymes
How to plan your training schedule at gym
DHEC places two sections of North Myrtle Beach under swimming advisory
The Celebrity Slim Diet and Other Diet Ideas
Ensuring that You Select the Correct Aerobics and Gym Instructor Course
Breast Milk May Prevent HIV Transmission
Instant Download: How Technology Warps Our Sense of Time
Obamacarians’ Pregame Rationalizations: Doesn’t Matter; Good for O; All Scalia’s Fault, and More!
What provokes a high level of cholesterol?
Dehydration-allergy connection
Exercise Can Reduce Cancer Symptoms and Improve Outcomes
Top 5 First Foods for Baby – First up, Sweet Potatoes
Confusion can be beneficial for learning: study
You Can’t Train To Be Sexy, Then Hate On Attention (or, why women are dumb)
Study: Vitamin D Relieves Joint, Muscle Pain for Breast Cancer Patients
Who’s Going to Pay for Your Fracture?
Marijuana Patient Denied Transplant Has 90 Days To Live
Coffee Drinkers Have Lower Risk of Death
Neti pot pros/cons
Affective disorders: Mind, Body and Society in the limelight
DHEC Region 1 Health Director Becky Campbell retires
Vitamin D Deficiency Puts Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients at Greater Risk of Osteoporosis, Study Finds
Are You Living In Constant Partial Attention?
What Protects Some Against Diabetes Complications?
Fish Pedicure May Spread Disease
Microfinance programs: Benefits not clear-cut, study shows
Easy Overnight Breakfast – Share it with your little one
Allergy drops
Treating Type 2 Diabetes in Youth
2 out of 3 Medical Students Do Not Know When to Wash Their Hands
The important changes at pregnancy week 10
24-hour relief
New developments in bipolar disorders
Portrait of an Emotional Abuser: The One Who Is Always Right
Medicare Supplemental Insurance for Nevada Residents
Is Aspirin Safe?
Dance & Garden Club at Florence Middle School named to All-Health Team.
When scandal gets you down, study reveals, talk yourself up – sometimes
Harris Poll Reflects and Reinforces Incoherent Thinking About ‘Public Health’
Organ Transplants Without Life-Long Drugs
St. Patrick’s dessert
Sugar-free Yogurt Pancakes
David “Avocado” Wolfe – A Good Guy!
How does Medicare Part D Plan Work?
Deadlift Mastery Or “How the f*ck do you pull so much?” PART 1
How Emotional Abuse Leads to Guilt and Shame
Wouldn’t It Be Easier to List the Places Where Smoking Is Not Prohibited?
SweetiePie Doesn’t Need a Shrink to Quit Smoking
Earlier allergy season
The Health Benefits of Flaxseed Oil
How to handle yeast infection effectively
Team of physicists finds new path toward increasing semiconductor functionality
Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine specialists convene in London ahead of the 2012 Olympic Games
Scientists Find Target for Resveratrol
DHEC announces lawn mower exchange events
Maybe Schools Don’t Control What Kids Eat
Colds impair driving
E. Coli Death Toll In Germany
Accidents at work involving dangerous chemicals or liquids
VIDEO: Dr. Group’s Interview on The Alex Jones Show
Parisian Carrots – Baby’s Puree or Family’s Ginger Carrot Soup? Recipe for Carrot Baby Food and Ginger Carrot Soup
Is Depression Numbing Your Anxiety?
Rise Of The RiceLifters
Nicotine Gum and Patches May Not Work, but at Least They’re Officially Approved

Boost your immunity
Hybrid silkworms spin stronger spider silk
Group therapy delays progression of dementia
Most Stillbirths Caused by Placental, Pregnancy Conditions
Study: Leafy Green Vegetables May Boost Your Immune Defenses
Advanced Laser Lipolysis – the new fat reducing technique
How to choose the best mattress?
IOM Report Recommends That the FDA Continue Suppressing Lifesaving Information About Cigarette Alternatives
Got high blood pressure?
Bad Batch Of Cocaine Causes Users Skin To Rot
Feeding Baby – Are There Thanksgiving Foods for Baby to Avoid?
Kitchen cures
More on childhood bipolar.
The best product Ever Created-EMR Software
Chemicals in tattoo ink face scrutiny from the FDA
Health Benefits of Cocoa and Dark Chocolate
Fast Food Is Not a Poor Choice
How To Avoid Looking Stupid On Your Bike
Notre Dame survey of African American Catholics offers important insights
Cheap Family Health Insurance
SmokeTip Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit
Peak sinusitis season
They Quit Smoking, Their Metabolism Slows, but Good Attitude Gets Them Through
15 Foods High in Folic Acid
Pinpointing Kidney Disease Risk in African Americans
Open access research: World Arthritis Day
DHEC Board takes action on ‘bath salts’ and synthetic marijuana
Mark Bittman Corrects Fact-Resistant Food Policy Analysts…Such As Mark Bittman
Increasing mental health problems in the US?
Meditation and allergies
A Combination of Natural Ingredients and Technology for Personal Care Products
Body Scanner Operators Affected By The Device
Unnecessary PSA Screenings?
Roasted Root Veggie Trio – Baby’s Stage 1 Puree, Stage 2 Mash and Stage 3 Chunky
How Stress Affects Your Health
How to check the accreditation of phlebotomy classes
Boyfriend Has Low Testosterone. What Can Lu Do?
Up Vitamin D
If Traffic Deaths Were Rising, Would the Los Angeles Times Be Less Alarmed?
New study on poor financing in developing countries explains sluggish growth
The ‘How Fat Are You?’ Flowchart
Preventing a Second Stroke
Can I sue the NHS?
Another Multi-City Study Finds No Link Between Smoking Bans and Heart Attack Rates
7 Reasons Why Stevia is Better Than Refined Sugar
Predicting genetic risk for disease
Weight Loss, ‘My Weigh’
DHEC accepting ‘Champions of the Environment’ award applications
Gender Differences in Mental Health
Research Report on Continucare Corporation and Metropolitan Health Networks, Inc. – Health Care Continuing to Heal Shares Insider Secrets with…
Dental Helpline On Hand To Reassure Public, UK
BIOLASE Names Richard Whipp Director of Operations
Introducing NEOGYN® – Revolutionary Vulvar Soothing Cream
Dentist Uses New System To Straighten Adult Teeth In 6 Months
Leading Bolingbrook Dental Team Celebrates Expansion Into New Bolingbrook Office
Healthy Teeth Help Moms Get Pregnant, Fight Low Birth-weight…
Government Intervention Required On Whitening Products, BDA Believes, UK
Kane Biotech Appoints Interim CFO and Announces Grant of Options
Cardiac Rehabilitation Exercise Program Released on DVD by the Heart…
Nearly Half Admit Skipping Brushing Teeth At Bedtime, UK
Percutaneous elastic intramedullary nailing of metacarpal fractures: Surgical technique and clinical results study.
Fewer Surgical Errors Reported at VA Medical Facilities
Ameritox(SM) Laboratories Earn College of American Pathologists’…
Remedent Reports Fourth Quarter and Year End Results and to Host a Conference Call at 10 AM EDT, Tuesday, July 19, 2011
Review of Fixation Techniques for the Four-part Fractured Proximal Humerus in Hemiarthroplasty
Digital Dentistry Markets for Low Iron Glass to Reach .2 Billion by 2017
Weight-Loss Surgery May Not Lower Death Risk: Study
The Use Of Twitter For Public Health Surveillance Of Dental Pain
The Founder of MBA Medical Business Associates Passes the Torch to the…
Programs May Prevent Tooth Decay In Tots
Kane Biotech Submits DispersinB(R) Wound Spray Briefing Document to the FDA
Secure® Denture Adhesive Offers Facebook Users Opportunity To Win…
Millions Of Children, Seniors And Minorities Not Receiving Essential Dental Care, USA
Have you had complications following a cosmetic procedure?
Alendronate (ALN) combined with Osteoprotegerin (OPG) significantly improves mechanical properties of long bone than the single use of ALN or OPG in the ovariectomized rats
BIOLASE Announces Unaudited Preliminary Second Quarter Revenues
Encouraging College, Oral Health Careers
Hypnosis Plus Local Anesthesia Might Work Well for Some Surgeries
Men Who Smoke at Lower Risk of Joint Replacement: Study
Regenerative Medicine Being Offered With Stem Cell Rich Injections at…
Giannobile First Recipient of New Award
Getting A New Nose For Royal Wedding….Or For Just Tea Time
Missionaries Travel to Africa With Donations From Gentle Dentistry
Dental Students, Alumnus Team Up in Honduras
High energy tibial plateau fractures treated with hybrid external fixation
Higher Medicaid Payment Levels To Dentists Increases Likelihood Of Children And Adolescents Receiving Dental Care
Big Mountain Drugs Now Offers Generic Versions of Lipitor from Canada
Joint Statement From Surescripts and Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, CVS/pharmacy and Partners Healthcare Regarding Recent Study Published in JAMIA
Mouth Guard Clinic June 25
Gene Implicated In Craniosynostosis, Delayed Tooth Eruption And Supernumerary Teeth
For People With Diabetes, Pets May Pose Unusual Hazards
Cosmetic Surgery May Double in Britain Within One Year
Dental, DH Students Receive MDAF Scholarships
U.S. Database of Breast Cancer Treatment May Be Inaccurate
The Benefit Of Using Flavored Cigarettes
Women’s Fertility Linked To Oral Health
Total Knee Arthroplasty using Hybrid Navigation Technique
Great Expressions Dental Centers Acquires Wright Dental Care in Belleair Bluffs, FL
Two Health Systems Unite in Wheaton
Life-Saving Plastic Surgeries
Rayburn Named Public Policy Fellow
For Many, Weight-Loss Surgery Also Eases Migraines Supports
4 Faculty Promoted
Gum Disease Can Increase The Time It Takes To Become Pregnant
Purple Spot on Roof of Mouth
A Comparison of Two Headless Compression Screws for Operative Treatment of Scaphoid Fractures
Cotton Swabs Help Prevent Surgical Site Infections: Study
Chocolate Makes Us Smile The Most
Plastic Surgery for Teens on the Rise
Long term results of Arthroscopic Bankart repair for traumatic anterior shoulder instability
Get the Dr. Sunil’s US8 Laser Whitening Thailand Promo Today
Cosmetic Surgery Should Not Be Taken Lightly
Why COBRA Is Better Than Private Health Insurance
Migrant Dental Clinic Begins June 20
Tongue Sore
Bright Side Dental Raises Over 00 for Gilda’s Club Metro Detroit
Outcomes of arthroscopic “Remplissage”: capsulotenodesis of the engaging large Hill-Sachs lesion
Million Dollar Settlement for a Child Injured by a Vaccine…
Post-Op Nausea May Be Hereditary
Periodontics Resident Receives Chasens Award
Weight-Loss Surgery Helps Less Obese Patients: Study
Equity Research on Hansen Medical, Inc. and St. Jude Medical, Inc. – Steady Cardiac Rhythm Makes Revenues
Student Fee Announcement Provides Breathing Space, Says BDA, UK
Vaginal Surgery
Poor Oral Care May Cause Sexual Problems
80 Fitted for Customized Mouth Guards
The impact of tensioning device mal-positioning on strand tension during anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction. and Urge Americans to Fight for…
Remedent Announces Filing of Form 12b-25, Notification of Late Filing and to Host a Conference Call on Tuesday, July 19, 2011
Cosmetic Surgery on the Rise as the Economy Improves
Dr. Ilan Bohm Launches “Think Before You Pill”
Sore Cheeks
American Dental Association, The Forsyth Institute Again Offering Popular Evidence-Based Dentistry Training Course
Bad Mouth Smell
Effects of Obesity on Bone Metabolism
Less Invasive Colon Surgery Results in Fewer Blood Clots: Study
BioSyent Releases First Quarter 2011 Financial Results-Strong Growth Continues, Sales Increase 54%
Orthodontics Unites for Stambaugh Fund
Crossroads Health Center Offers New Weight Loss Program
Selphyl, The Vampire Face Lift
DNA Testing To Prevent Gum Disease, UK
Reconstruction of the acetabulum in THA using femoral head autografts in developmental dysplasia of the hip
How Assisted Living Works
Traverse City Outreach Dental Efforts Praised
Weight Loss Surgery May Cut Inflammation, Disease Risk
ASC X12 Reports Strong Member Participation in the June Meetings
Sweden Finally Looking at Cosmetic Surgeon
Slimy Coating Inside Lip and Tongue
Tel-Tron Improves Efficiency and Job Satisfaction of Senior Living…
ImageWorks Announces FDA Approval Of The NewTom 5G Cone Beam CT
Most Medicare Patients With Cancer Get Good Surgical Care: Study
A technique to remove a well-fixed titanium-coated RM acetabular cup in revision hip arthroplasty
Can Weight-Loss Surgery Reverse Common Cause of Infertility?
Anti-Aging Dentistry: Looking Beyond Botox
Periodontics Resident Receives Chasens Award
High-Risk Surgeries Getting Safer: Study
Report Finds Americans More Concerned About Germs On Their Hands, Their Shopping Carts Than Germs In Their Mouths
Dental School Music Video a Hit
Gum Tearing
‘Fat Transfer’ Gets Early Safety OK in Breast Reconstruction
Dentist Uses New System To Straighten Adult Teeth In 6 Months
Total Knee Arthroplasty using Hybrid Navigation Technique
“This HelloLife Moment” Creates New Video Content on Allergies and…
Sore Cheeks
AMD LASERS Is All the Buzz at This Year’s California Dental Association Meeting
Management outcomes in pubic diastasis: our experience with 19 patients
Rep. Giffords to Get Skull Patch in Latest Step in Recovery
CytoSorbents Corporation Reports First Quarter 2011 Financial Results
Influence of prosthesis design and implantation technique on implant stresses after cementless revision THR
Pierrel Research USA Launches Orabloc™ A New Purer Articaine
Mary Tyler Moore to Have Surgery to Remove Brain Tumor
Homeless Veterans Flashing Big Smiles These Days
Gastric Bypass May Help Prevent Heart Disease in Teens: Study
Giannobile First Recipient of New Award
Improved Access To NHS Dentistry Has Led To Poorer Quality, UK
Heart Bypass Surgery Rates Drop Dramatically, Study Finds
Sheree Duff Outstanding DH Alumna
Dental Hygiene Can Prevent Broken Hearts
A survey of orthopaedic journal editors determining the criteria of manuscript selection for publication.
3M to Provide Digital Impression Making Systems
Breast Cancer Recurrence Rates Appear Different When Radiation Used
Studies On Oral Health Inequalities In Older People Released By IADR/AADR Journal Of Dental Research
When Size Matters, Men Can Turn to Penile Extenders: Study
Lucas-Perry ADEA VP for Students
Dentists More Scary Than Snakes And Spiders, UK
MedeFile and Carlisle & Associates Team to Accelerate Industry Adoption of Patient-Centric iPHR Management Solution
Can the surgical checklist reduce the risk of wrong site surgery in orthopaedics? – can the checklist help? Supporting evidence from analysis of a national patient safety incident reporting system
Hungover Surgeons Make More Mistakes: Study
Is surgical intervention more effective than non-surgical treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome? a systematic review
Exclusive Distribution Agreement For CarieScan PRO In China
Cosmetic Surgery Should Not Be Taken Lightly
Major Ash Collegiate Professorship Inaugurated
Could Stomach ‘Pacemaker’ Be New Weight-Loss Tool?
Secretary Of State For Health To Address British Dental Conference And Exhibition, UK
Hatch Receives Major Award for Children’s Research
Upper Teeth Pain
Severe wound traction-blisters after inadequate dressing application following laparoscopic cholecystectomy: Case report of a preventable complication.
Reprieve For Discretionary Points For Consultants In Scotland
Nerve Block Treatment May Ease Stubborn High Blood Pressure
Eat Your Greens To Reduce The Risk Of Oral Cancer
ProMutual Group Receives Positive Outlook From A.M. Best and A- (Excellent) Rating for Fifteenth Consecutive Year
Endoscopic decompression for intraforaminal and extraforaminal nerve root compression
40% of Gastric Banding Patients Have Complications
Plastic Surgery by Two Surgeons – At Once!
The Toothbrush, Dental Floss Effect Of Streptococcus Enzyme
Bypass Surgery, Stents Seem to Bring Same Level of Relief
Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry and Advanced Laser Training, Inc. Offer New Hygienist Education Courses in Use of the PerioLase(R) MVP-7(TM) for Laser Pocket Disinfection(TM); Support of the LANAP(R) Protocol; and Other Soft-Tissue Applications
Use of embedded strain gages for the in-vitro study of proximal tibial cancellous bone deformation during knee flexion-extension movement: development, reproducibility and preliminary results of feasibility after frontal low femoral osteotomy
For Severe Sinusitis, Oral Steroids an Option, Study Says
Delay To Decision Affords Time For Common Sense To Prevail, Says BDA, UK
Laser Technology Might Help Doctors Diagnose Melanoma
United Treatment Centers, Inc. CEO, Frank Ottaviani, Exclusive Interview on CEO Central Radio Tonight, Feb. 24
Kinematic assessment of hip movement when retrieving an object from the floor
Innovotech Announces Grant of Stock Options
Deferring Dental Treatment Unwise, Warns BDA, UK
Nonoperative treatment of slipped capital femoral epiphysis: a scientific study
Views on Pitchers’ Elbow Surgery Called ‘Disturbing’
Using GPS To Map Bat Teeth, Explore Diet Adaptations
Trinity Biotech Announces Distribution Agreement for Premier Hb9210 Instrument With Menarini Diagnostics
Facial Surgery May Offer Long-Term Migraine Relief for Some
The pivotal role of the intermediate fragment in initial operative treatment of olecranon fractures
Bipartisan Legislation Introduced To Expand Federal Disaster Resources
WesternU Golf Tournament Benefits Student Scholarships
The role of FGF-2 and BMP-2 in regulation of gene induction, cell proliferation and mineralization.
Not All Birthmarks Harmless, Expert Says
Researchers Find Dental Coverage Pays Off In Long Run For Older Americans
A New Breast Conservation Surgery: Nipple Sparing Mastectomy
Riverside Medical Center Earns Magnet(R) Recognition
Will Loss of Lethal Injection Drug Harm Surgical Patients?
College of Pharmacy Named Top Partner by CVS Caremark
Fighting The Fight For Healthy Teeth
Plastic Surgery’s Odd Requests
Sleep Study May Be Advisable Before Removing Tonsils, Adenoids
Genome BC: New Proteomics Technology Could Detect Risk for Heart Disease and Cancer From a Single Drop of Blood
Vein-Opening Treatment for MS Stirs Controversy
How Can I Find A Good Family Doctor?
Cosmetic Dentistry Helps to Turn Back Time
Right thoracic curvature in the normal spine
Kane Biotech Retains Pure Advertising & Marketing for Investor Relations
Broken Gums
The influence of iron status and genetic polymorphisms
Plastic Surgery’s Bargain Basement
Researchers Find Links Between Sleep, Anesthesia and Coma
RightSmile the Leader in Cosmetic Laser Teeth Whitening Is in Discussions With a Major MLM Company That Is Expected to Add LazerWhite to Its Product Line
A standardized and safe method of sterile field maintenance during intra-operative horizontal plane fluoroscopy
Dentalcompare Announces Growth in 2010
How serious is this Sudden Rash?
C-Sections Continue 12-Year Climb: U.S. Report
Anabolic steroids after total knee arthroplasty. A double blinded prospective pilot study
How to Find the Best Assisted Living Facilities
Shorter Time to Call Brain Death Eases Transplant Picture (CME/CE)
Plastic Surgery Touch-Ups
The Edinburgh variant of a talar body fracture: a case report
Practical Reviews(R) Introduces New Medical Director
Weight-Lifting After Breast Cancer Won’t Cause Lymphedema, Study Finds
How to choose a lightweight wheelchair
Efficacy of radial styloid targeting screws in volar plate fixation of intra-articular distal radial fractures: a biomechanical study in a cadaver fracture model
Advantages of Online PACS Data Storage Solutions
U.S. Needs National Registry for Joint Replacement Devices: Study
Domestic Violence Victims Receive Free Dental Services From NSU
Dental Amalgam
Dental Hygiene Hosts State-Wide Meeting
Toothache More Common Among Minority And Special Needs Children
Study Backs ‘Active Surveillance’ for Low-Risk Prostate Cancer
ADA/Dentsply Student Clinician Research Winners
Plastic Surgery Inventors
Cutting-Edge Salivary Diagnostics Research Presented At AADR 3rd Fall Focused Symposium
Less Invasive Lung Cancer Staging Looks Promising
Why you can get the serious consequences without health insurance
Red Tape Is Destroying Dentists’ Morale, BDA Warns, UK
The Use of Nicotine in Electronic Cigarettes
Evaluation of unilateral cage-instrumented fixation for lumbar spine
Deciding if Plastic Surgery is Right For You
Hospital Checklists Reduce Surgical Complications, Deaths: Study
Role of the VEGF-Flt-1-FAK pathway in the pathogenesis of osteoclastic bone destruction of giant cell tumors of bone
First Group Of Community Dental Health Coordinators Complete ADA Pilot Program
Falls, Not Gunshot, May Be Hunters’ Biggest Threat
Bilateral hip arthroplasty: Is 1-week staging the optimum strategy?
Gene Mutations May Blunt Plavix’s Effectiveness, Study Finds
GDC To Review Its Standards And Scope Of Practice, UK
Unicameral bone cyst of the lunate in an adult: case report
Base of coracoid process fracture with acromioclavicular dislocation in a child
Plastic Surgery Warning Signs
Lessons From Flight Crews Can Help Surgical Teams Work Better
ASBMR: Bone Drug Improves Results of Jaw Surgery (CME/CE)
Differences in hip morphology between the sexes in patients undergoing hip resurfacing
GDC Launches Revalidation Consultation, UK
Heart Surgery Patients Do Fine With Fewer Blood Transfusions: Study
FONAR Announces Financial Results for Fiscal 2010
Repair of olecranon fractures using fiberWire without metallic implants: report of two cases
Not Far Behind Europe
Weight-Loss Surgery for Teens May Be Gaining Advocates
Want To Be Sexy? Improve Your Oral Hygiene
Isolated cystic tuberculosis of scapula: case report and review of literature
BDA To Launch Comprehensive Clinical Guide For Practising Dentists At Showcase, UK
New Approach For Treating Dry Mouth Presented In JADA-Published Study
Active Faith Predicts Survival After Liver Transplant (CME/CE)
Surgery a Help for Aggressive Prostate Cancer: Study
Lipofibromatous hamartoma of the median nerve
Technique To Reattach Teeth Using Stem Cells Developed At UIC
Post-Op Pain May Be Due to Immune Reaction: Study
Plastic Surgery & High Technology
WellTek Subsidiary Draws Celebrity Attention
Surgery to Widen Neck Arteries Cuts 10-Year Stroke Risk: Study
Nobelist Walter Kohn To Receive 2010 Prange Prize
Majority Of Dentists Believe Use Of ‘Dr’ Title Is Appropriate , UK
Palate Infection
High Blood Sugar Tied to Surgical Site Infections (CME/CE)
Excessive Oral Bony Growths
BJOG Release: Successful Periodontal Therapy May Reduce The Risk Of Preterm Birth
In Memoriam: Christine Klausner
Operating Soon After Hip Fractures May Save Lives
Global Dental Devices And Consumables Market To Be Worth .6 Billion By 2015
Development of a neural network model for predicting glucose levels in a surgical critical care setting
Managing BPA Exposure In Dental Sealants
Elderly May Benefit From Minimally Invasive Shoulder Surgery
Insertion torque is not a good predictor of pedicle screw loosening after spinal instrumentation: a prospective study in 8 patients
3-fold and early develop of stent thrombosis among African American than Whites after inplantation of a drug-eluting stent (DES) than whites, Why?
Lower Risk of Surgery Than Thought for Kids With Crohn’s
Stent Implantation Linked to Blood Clot Risk in Black Patients
Poor Dental Health In Deprived Children Needs To Be Tackled From Birth
A mid term comparison of open wedge high tibial osteotomy vs unicompartmental knee arthroplasty for medial compartment osteoarthritis of the knee
Antibiotics Now Recommended Before C-Sections
Plastic Surgery Implants for Face and Body
Plastic Surgery Beauty Wishes – by Ages
Professor Reports On University Of Maryland Dental School’s Cyberspace Odyssey
BIOLASE Receives Deficiency Letter From NASDAQ
Treatment of refractory hip pain with sodium hyaluronate (Hyalgan) in a patient with the Marshall-Smith Syndrome: A case report
Initial Savings May Hide True Cost of Prostate Cancer Care
4 Faculty Promoted
Nation’s Largest Institute Dedicated To Children’s Oral Health Opens In Seattle
Kids Seem More Likely to Reject Those Whose Eyes Cross
Acute morbidity and complications of thigh compartment syndrome: A report of 26 cases
Test to Predict Gum Disease Unveiled
Association between plasma beta-amyloid (Aß) levels to declines in cognitive and azheimer’s risk factor
Trade The Fat : Liposuction to Breast Enhancement
Genetic Test Used By Landmark Dental School Study To Help Predict Gum Disease
Orange Tongue
New Process Could Improve Dental Restoration Procedures
Adverse events in total knee arthroplasty: Results of a physician independent survey in 260 patients
Wisdom Tooth Extraction
Incidence and type of complications in non-operated patients at a surgical ward.
U.S. Military Surgeons Saving Children’s Lives in Afghanistan